Players Enjoy Winning Twister Tourneys’ Jackpot Prizes

It took less than four minutes for Russian poker player Marina “Miniscella” Nenasheva to turn a €1 investment into a €1,000 jackpot prize. It took Hungarian player Peter “TITANBIDO” Sarga a bit longer at the Twister tables to win his prize. Some 13 minutes after he bought in for €2 he won a €2,000 Twister jackpot prize.

That’s the exciting part about Twister Sit 'N' Gos – players buy-in at incredibly low prices and leave the table with huge cash prizes.

Marina "Miniscella" Nenasheva

“I knew I could win a lot of money,” Marina told us, after her Twister win in February. “I knew that the jackpot could be up to €1000 for my €1 buy-in, but knowing that the possibility it could happen to me is small, I couldn’t even think about it,” she said. “The moment I saw that I’ll be playing for the jackpot shocked me a bit.”

We asked Marina if she frequently plays Twister sit 'n' go tournaments. “Twister is not my main game,” she told us. “I play MTTs more, that’s why Twister is more for fun, not for making money. But I can’t deny it - I’m attracted to Twister.”

We wondered if Marina had won any Twister prizes in the past. “Not so big. The biggest prize I think was €10,” she said.

Peter, who won his big Twister prize this month, told us that he had won smaller Twister jackpots “a lot of times.” He admitted to playing Twisters whenever he had a low bankroll. “With a few prayers, I could spin me a [quick] €10 – €20,” he said.

We asked Peter if the strategy he employed to win Twister tourneys was different from that necessary to win other types of poker tournaments.

“Yes, of course,” he said. “You need luck and good hands, because the other players don’t really care about their €1 – €2. They just push all-in with everything.”

Marina said that in her opinion, there was not much difference between playing Twisters and other turbo sit ‘n’ go tournaments.

Marina said she didn’t have any advice to give to her fellow players. “Who am I to give advice? I just want to wish good luck to the other players and I hope that they know to respect their opponents.”

Peter also didn’t have words of advice, but he did have good things to say about Titan Poker. “Play at Titan Poker; it’s the best site ever.” Peter said that he has been playing online poker since 2007, but he has only managed to win big amounts of money playing at Titan Poker.

Peter “TITANBIDO” Sarga



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