Profile of an Online Poker Tournament Winner

Not everyone can win an online poker tournament, but we've noticed that there is a pattern among those players who do win. Take a look at our Profile of an Online Poker Tournament Winner poker infographic and see if you have what it takes to be a winner.

Profile of an Online Poker Tournament Winner


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Profile of a winner at Titan Poker tournaments = Do you fit the profile of a tournament winner? Listed here is the profile we've constructed based on statistics, calculated assumptions, and a good amount of poker humor.

Where are you from? Our winners come primarily from Canada, Argentina, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and Australia.

Are you a man or a woman? 95% of our online poker tournament winners are men.

What is your profession? Are our winners doctors, drivers, scientists, police officers, medics, nurses, or computer technicians? Actually we have no idea what you do when you're not playing poker.

How old are you? 5% of our tournament winners are over 56; 8% are between 46-55; 15% are between the ages of 36-45; 43% are between 36-35; and 29% are under the age of 25. The average age of our poker tournament winners is 32.

When is your birthday? Well, apparently no one month takes the honor of having the most tournament winners.

What is your marital status? 33.3% of our winners are single; 33.3% are married or divorced; and 33.3% are married to the game of poker.

What is your blood type? Our players have blood types similar to those of the general public but one thing is for sure. 100% of our players have type KK = Poker Blood. Many players get hot-tempered while playing at the tables. A daily dosage of pocket aces is enough to give them renewed strength.

All in a nickname. What is your nickname? 54% of our players have a nickname that starts with a capital letter; 43% have a nickname that starts with a small letter; and 3% have a nickname that starts with a number.

"S" is the most popular first letter of nicknames = 8.5% of our players have such a nickname.

How long is your poker nickname? The shortest nickname is 4 letters and the maximum length is 19 letters. Nicknames with 8 letters are the most popular.

More nickname trivia = 2% of nicknames include the player's year of birth and 46% of poker nicknames contain numbers.

Winning numbers

How often did you finish in the top 10 at a tournament? 8% of our players had a top 10 placement more than 11 times, while 55% only finished once in the top ten positions.

How much money did you win, and how often did you win?

66% won less than $1,000 just once, while 54% won $1,000-$10,000 five times or more.

How long did it take you after signup to become a winner?

57.39% of our winners became a winner more than a year after signup. The average time after signup for players to become a winner is two years. If you're a member of the elite 1.35%, you won a tournament the very day you signed up at Titan Poker. Yes, even that can happen!

Some of the above data is real, based on the results of nearly 60 regularly scheduled online poker tournaments over the last year and a half. When we refer to winner, we mean a player who has made it to the final table and won a cash prize in the top 10 places. And some of the data is based on our poker humor. Yes, at Titan Poker we often display our poker humor.

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