The World Series of Poker

The 2008 WSOP Titan Poker Style


in the money


Titan Poker sent a very talented delegation of players from all over the globe to the World Series of Poker to compete in the Main Event 2008. The best of the best gathered in the Rio's "Brazilia Room" in July 2008 in hopes of not just fame, not just fortune, but the glory of being the best poker player in the world.


Golden Nugget


Opulence is Las Vegas's middle name, and Titan Poker knows no other way. Players stayed at the extravagant Golden Nugget hotel right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.




Titan Poker welcomed players upon the first night of arrival for a nice rendezvous in one of the Golden Nugget's most luxurious suites.




Titan Poker players get together to "meet and greet" as they talk about the upcoming excitement.


Denis Tony friend


The love of poker is a bond that can happen quickly as we see above. (from left to right) German player Denis Vuletic chats it up with Australian player Tony da Motta and Tony's friend from Los Angeles.


Andreas Roger


Spanish player Alberto Andres shares a drink with Titan Poker Representative Roger Coolen before Day 1A begins (there were four starting days to accommodate the number of participants.) Alberto finished in 441st place and won $27,020!




Bright and early every morning (well as bright and early as you an expect night-owl poker enthusiasts to be), you could see hundreds of eager spectators and fans lining up to get prime spots to watch their favorite poker champions up close and personal.


Ben Affleck


Many celebrities can be sited at the World Series of Poker. We see Ben Affleck above playing in the second annual Ante Up for Africa, No Limit Texas Hold-Em Tournament. All proceeds went to charities that provide aid and assistance to the survivors of the crisis in Darfur, Sudan and support activism dedicated to resolving this crisis.


Chiquita Giuseppe


English player, Giuseppe Manfredi takes time before taking his seat to pose with a tropically clad promoter while sporting his favorite poker shirt covered in cards and chips. No stress yet!


Wayne Newton


Las Vegas legend, Wayne Newton, with his majorette and marching band entourage kicked off the opening ceremony of the 2008 WSOP with the bellowing command, "shuffle up and deal!!"


Brazil Room


No time after the celebrity heralded beginning of the tournament, the sound of clinking poker chips and "all-in" hope-filled calls could be heard throughout the conference room at the Rio.


Michael Dennis Tamar Florian


German player Michael Lindemeyer, Dennis Jacobs from the Netherlands, and fellow German player Florian Fischer take time for a photo op with Titan Poker rep Tamar. Titan Poker ensures its players get top notch treatment when traveling to live tournaments.


Andreas Table


Andreas Schmidt from Germany doesn't show a shred of emotion at his table.


Thierry Table


Thierry Barou (seated above wearing black) is no stranger to live poker tournaments. Theirry was a contender with Titan Poker for the European Poker Tour Prague in 2007 and the Eurocity Poker Tour - Madrid Open in May 2008.


Luigi Roger


Luigi Donati from Italy and Titan Poker's own Roger Coolen meet in the lobby for an update before the beginning of level three where Luigi went out because of a bad beat.




Titan Poker's Swedish player, Christian Ankner, began on Day 1D. He didn't make it to Day 2, yet played with a lot of heart.


Guiseppe Serious


Although, English player Giuseppe Manfredi likes to have a good time and laugh, we can see above that when the chips are down his poker face goes up.


Florian table


German player, Florian Fischer managed to hold on until Day 2, although he seemed to be the recipient of a never-ending flow of less than desirable hands.


Denis table


Denis Vuletic keeps his cards close as he faces a real cowboy.




Greek player, Martyn Sands, a diving instructor, has only been playing poker since March 2008. No one could guess this player was green by his respectable finish in 577th place, and his cash prize of $23,160.


Giuseppe Martyn


England natives, Martyn and Giuseppe, share a cigarette and a laugh during one of the short breaks throughout the day.


Limo 2


After an excruciatingly long day of poker faces and raised bets, German players Andreas and Florian travel back to the hotel in style.


Thierry Martyn Golddiggers


After a marathon day of poker, one might think bed would be the first thing on a player's mind. However, Thierry and Martyn prove otherwise as they share a cold, refreshing beer at the Golden Nugget's own club Gold Diggers.


Girlfriend Franck


Many qualifying players brought guests to accompany them on their journey to the glitzy city of neon and dreams of green. Above, we see French player, Franck Thimonier and his girlfriend, Vanessa, who never left his side to support him during the WSOP.




For their day off, Titan Poker treated its players to a real American style barbeque in their own private cabana by the Golden Nugget's $33 million pool.


Cabana 1


German players, Michael, Andreas and Florian keep cool inside the air conditioned cabana.


Cabana 3


The drinks flowed all day, as players shared their tales of glory and defeat at the WSOP.


Christian Dominique BBQ


Swedish player, Christian Ankner and Canadian, Dominique Tremblay smile despite the 45 degree Celsius heat.


Michael Mother


Michael Lindemeyer and his mother, Renate, were thrilled to attend their second consecutive WSOP with Titan Poker. In 2007, Michael was the youngest participant for the main event.


Vuletic Wink


Denis Vuletic was always ready to share a laugh and a wink, but at the tables he's all business.


By Pool


Players got to share not only their love of the greatest game on earth, but left Las Vegas with new friendships and a renewed passion to take their game to new levels.


Artsy shot


The World Series of Poker is not for the faint of heart. 2008 proved that Titan Poker players are up to the challenge and ready for next year!

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