WSOP Main Event 2009 Updates

July 15 2009

Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque made his final stand late last night. It was unfortunate that his pair of tens could not beat player Kevin Schaffel’s AA77. Ranked 83rd in the Main Event with $57,991 in prize money, Jose returns to Spain following a brilliant run at the tables. He and our other players have made all Titans proud.

Jose was very happy to rub shoulders with the big boys of poker, Hachem and Hellmuth. He was not intimidated and treated them like the rest of the opposition. The highlight was when he took off 260,000 chips from Hellmuth and 150,000 chips from Hachem.

The final table of the main event will be played in November.

July 13 2009

Day 5 at the World Series of Poker 2009 started with ups and downs for Titan Poker's Spanish WSOP veteran Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque. Finding himself sitting at the same table as WSOP winner Joe Hachem, Jose's stack decreased during the first stage of the day's play from 937,000 to 830,000.

Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque WSOP

Jose takes a stand

While other players would just fold their cards facing a pro player like Hachem, Jose Manuel's aggressive game brought him a fantastic come back.


The final 101 players at the tables

After the break he caught up with the top players by increasing his stack to over a million chips - 1,260,000 to be precise.

July 12 2009

Day 4 at the World Series of Poker 2009 was all about the battle of the Titan Poker qualifier Spanish Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque vs. Phil Hellmuth.

Phil Hellmuth started the tournament with a fair scandal entering the main hall followed by more than 50 scantly dressed hostesses that didn't really contribute to a focused atmosphere.

Jose Manuel vs. Helmuth

Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque excels at the WSOP

Hellmuth saw his small blind raise re-raised by Jose Manuel for an additional 30,000 chips. Hellmuth called and then bet 50,000 on the flop of "Diamond 8"/"Hearts 10"/"Diamond 2". Both players checked the Hearts 8 turn before Hellmuth bet 80,000 on the "Clubs Queen" river. He was immediately called by Jose Manuel's pair of Aces (Club and Hearts). Hellmuth mucked and was down to just 240,000.

Day 4 WSOP

Day 4 comes to a close

Jose Manuel stole over 250,000 chips from Phil Hellmuth during Day 4. Hellmuth was eliminated from play later that day and Jose Manuel goes on to Day 5 as the last of Titan Poker's WSOP qualifiers. He is now standing in 44th place in the ranking with a total chip stack of 937,000.

July 11 2009

Day 3 of this year’s Poker World Championship has just finished and four Titan Poker qualifiers are still in the game. Let's take a look at who made it through.

Titan Poker's chip leader is Spanish player Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque who finished Day 3 with a chip stack of 411, 500 in total. His aggressive playing style is reminiscent of a bullfighter fighting with a mighty bull in the dusty arena – and it seems to be paying off. Well done, Jose Manuel!

Neil Suarez

Loving the experience - Neil Suarez

Neil Suarez is an English actor and his family is originally from the Philippines. He gained his first big live tournament experience at Titan Poker's ECPT in Madrid. Neil finished the day with 75,500 chips. He is so amazed by the opportunity that Titan Poker gave him and as a result the online qualifiers for future live events will be part of his daily schedule. We look forward to seeing you in Macau and good luck for tomorrow.

July 10 2009

Following a day off and some free time to enjoy Las Vegas our players met in a luxurious suite on the 60th floor of the famous Mandalay Bay Resort for a Titan Poker get together.

Titan Party

Having a good time - Adriano Guiliani in the red shirt and Marco Rolle in the blue shirt and cap with their friends. Fun and laughter filled the rooms as a result of the exchange of stories about the WSOP and Sin City.

Titan Poker organized a lunch and party for the players in order for the group to get some time to relax and share the past few days’ experiences.

Mingling with Andreas Schmidt

Andreas Schmidt's girlfriend, Andreas Schmidt and Julian from Titan Poker

The players then were driven by a limo service to play in the prestigious iPoker Bounty Tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Titan Limo

Titan players enjoying the luxurious ride

Bounty Tournament

Players arrive at the Bounty Tournament

Read more about the star-studded and prestigious side event on

.July 9 2009

Las Vegas, NV - Day 2 of the World Series of Poker 2009

At the end of the second day of play at the World Series of Poker 2009 the field of players has thinned out. Unfortunately not all Titan Poker players made it through so let us see who qualified for Day 3.

Chips on the table

German player Sebastian Stier (135,100 chip stack) was unable to take that much advantage of his first day's stack losing 25,000 of his chips.

Sebastian Stier

Sebastian contemplates his next move

The other German player who qualified for Day 3 and continues the dream is Simon Buhl with 24,300 chips. Laurent Manzi from France will open the third day of play with 20,000 chips and Italian Adriano Giuliani with 37,900.

Adriano Giuliani

Adriano Giuliani in a moment of deep concentration

Spanish player Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque has a great chance to advance as he will go into the next level with 77,000 chips. According to him, he his now ready and well prepared to play against the big players of this event. Jose is hoping to make it through to one of the tables that will be featured on the big screen.

Jose Manuel Gomez Rabenaque

Jose busy with his chips

Englishman Matthew Hoffmann is also in a good position to advance with his 156,100 chips. Last but definitely not least, Actor Neil Suarez from London leads our delegation into the next round with an impressive 186,500 chips.

Good luck and well done to you all.

July 7 2009

Day 1C of the World Series of Poker 2009 is over and most of the Titan Poker players can look forward to an optimistic Day 2. It's time to check out how well they did.

French player Jerome Jaqcuemin shared a common fate with Norwegian Titan Poker player Stian Stabell - both were eliminated early on in the competition.

Jerome Jacquemin

Stian Stabell with some chips still left at the table.

Frederik Lekuyer the Frenchman ended his first appearance at the WSOP with exactly the same amount of chips that he started out with 12 hours before: 30,000. His tight strategy seemed to pay off and he accomplished what he was hoping for - to make it into the second stage. Good job Frederik!

Jaqcuemin and Lekuyer

Jaqcuemin and Lekuyer before the tournament began. Read more about the duo at

One of our German Titan Poker players, Andreas Schmidt who is no stranger to the WSOP in Vegas, tallied up 82,000 chips by the end of the day's play.

Andreas Schmidt

Andreas Schmidt in the zone

Sebastian Stier is Titan Poker's number one qualifier going into Day 2. He collected a sensational 160,000 chips and thus quintupled his starting amount of 30,000. With this incredible stack he will be better prepared for what is to come.

Other notible results came from Englishman Matthew Hoffmann who is looking forward to Day 2 with a total of 73,000 chips. Matthew's fellow countryman Neil Suarez finished with 40,000 chips and moves into Wednesday's action with confidence.

So lets get ready for Day 2 guys - Shuffle and Deal!

July 5 2009

Titan Poker has sent eighteen of its satellite tournament winners to the world renowned Main Event in Las Vegas, USA. Each one of these talented poker players already feels like a winner as they are all benefiting from a generous $13,000 poker package which includes the $10,000 buy-in to the Main Event, along with all inclusive travel and accommodation.

WSOP 2009

The most prestigious tournament in Poker is running from the 3rd of July until the 14th of July. The Titan Poker players who have arrived in Las Vegas come from all corners of Europe – France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom. Our players will be competing against the very best in poker – the players who everyone dreams to play against.

WSOP 2009

We at Titan Poker are optimistic and are awaiting good results.

Our players have just arrived in Las Vegas and so we will keep you updated as events unfold.

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